Sales Representative

Sales Representative
Sales Representative

He has taken advantage of this problem to argue that Obamacare will “help the middle class,” while simultaneously giving more money to Republicans who see Obamacare as less of a welfare program.

But when the Affordable Care Act was first enacted in 2010, the Democratic-controlled Congress, which had opposed the law’s passage, was not happy about the idea. It was too politically motivated, and Democrats refused to agree to passage of the health care law.

The GOP now backs a similar plan to help the middle class, which includes, “without subsidies, without Medicaid, and without insurance at the federal level.” And it has already expanded health insurance coverage in 36 states, including Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts and New York.

This is where things get complicated. When a president’s approval is more closely tied to the approval of what the president says, for example, than with the way the Senate is conducting its business, this creates much more difficulty for the party establishment to hold a majority if the president doesn’t approve the new policy. Trump could use other avenues of action to appeal to his base and reassure his base that his campaign is on track.

But, as McConnell has made clear, he doesn’t care about party unity. (He’s willing to even say if the GOP will have the final votes on Obamacare, that’s the last time he’ll publicly offer his support.) He simply wants to preserve his position on
Sales Representative and Member of Congress.

Elevated to rank 2nd Lieutenant.

Elevated to rank 3rd Lieutenant and Chief of Staff.

D-2123 Assistant Administrator for Budget

Elevated to rank 1st Lieutenant in the United States Army.

Elevated to rank 4th Lieutenant in the United States Army.

D-2200 Assistant Administrator for Immigration and Border Security

Elevated to rank 5th Lieutenant.

Elevated to rank 6th Lieutenant.

D-2911 Acting Administrator of the Office of Management and Budget, Federal Reserve System

Elevated to rank 1st Lieutenant.

Elevated to rank 2nd Lieutenant and Major in the Army.

D-3030 Joint Secretary of State for Refugees and Migration

Elevated to rank 6th Lieutenant.

Elevated to rank 7th Lieutenant.

D-3117 Deputy Secretary for Overseas Refugee Affairs

Elevated to rank 8th Lieutenant.

Elevated to rank 9th Lieutenant.

D-3814 Assistant Secretary for Refugees and Immigration

Elevated to rank 11th Lieutenant

Elevated to rank 12th Lieutenant.

Elevated to rank 13th Lieutenant.

D-4440 General Counsel, Office of Management and Budget


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